It’s so nice to meet you.

I’m Lauren and I’m a Chicago-based fine arts and lifestyle photographer. I’ve been a practicing artist for my whole life and I love sharing my gift with the world.

I document love and empower individuals by capturing authentic moments and natural connections.

My Photography Journal

I'm inspired every day by the people I photograph and love capturing that connection and all of the micro-moments. Here is some of my recent work.


Sunset Family Session

Being able to capture the essence of maternal love is extraordinary. It’s easy to feel the warmth, heart, and emotion in all of these photos.



These are the type of photos that make my soul smile – capturing their connection was such an unforgettable experience.


Lifestyle Portraits

Photography is a moving way to help artfully empower women. I am passionate about working with people one-on-one to create empowering portrait experiences.

"No matter where you are going, or where you’ve been, take in this moment because you’ll never be here again."